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Jobs Application

General Questions

* Required | This is your full, legal name; first name, surname, and any middle names that you have.
* Required
* Required
* Required | How old are you? Maturity comes before age when looking at an application, so don’t worry as not everything hinges on this.
* Required | What is your Minecraft Premium account username? You are required to have one.

Position Questions

* Required | What position are you applying for?
* Required | What region are you in?
* Required | List as many notable previous jobs or experience you have had with this.
* Required | This can be anything such as a website link to the project that you worked for.
* Required | References of notable people can be really beneficial.

Suitability Questions

* Required | We understand there may be large amounts of fluctuation, so just give us a general response.
* Required | This isn’t a problem, normally, it’s just something that we need to be aware of.
* Required | What do you want to gain out of this for yourself? What are you expecting? What motivates you?
* Required | It’s always a good thing to be able to recognise one’s strengths in life!
* Required | Just as it’s good to be able to accept one’s weaknesses.
* Required | What makes you special from the next Joe Bloggs?
* Required | This is focussing specifically on your skills that you use while in the chosen position.

Final Comments

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