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Welcome to Cubed!

We've got a great show for you this year and no matter if you've been before or this is your first convention, we know you'll have a great time! The team has been working on the convention centre with our space theme for 2019 and booths are under construction right now (You can still apply for a booth by clicking here or on the Exhibits dropdown at the top of the page). With so many talented builders, creators and crafters getting involved and setting up booths, we think this will be the most visually interesting year for Cubed!

Everything we do runs on donations and we give 100% of the proceeds to SpecialEffect to support their excellent work with gamers that have specific physical needs to enjoy the games we all take for granted. Buy a ticket, book a booth, make a donation or even run your very own Panel! It all goes to an excellent cause.

There's so much happening over the weekend, we can't talk about it all here! Special guests from across the Minecraft community, Panels taking deep dives into some of the culture surrounding Minecraft as well as all the latest news and changes made to the game, Minigame tournaments hosted by our official partner StickyPiston, amazing sponsors with massive and open communities. Trust us, there's a lot to see!

So what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a ticket and gear up for the premiere digital Minecraft convention!

Take a look around the site, get to know the guests and panels before the big weekend and we'll see you there!


Announcing Soon

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