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Hope you've enjoyed Cubed 2018! Unfortunately this years event has ended but we'd love to hear your thoughts!        Give Feedback
Joshua Manager

Cubed! is an in-game Minecraft convention for the community, showcasing booths, minigames and also livestreamed panels including Youtubers! The convention is completely free to attend, as around the world there are a number of gaming conventions which many cannot attend because of flight costs, hotel costs and much more which is why we set up Cubed! to allow Minecraft fans to join from the comfort of their very own homes.

You can get even closer to the action by becoming a VIP! Everybody at the event is able to take part in the panels, play the games and visit the booths, but if you’re a VIP then you have priority seating to get the best view and can join the games faster than anyone else.

Since setting up in 2012 we’ve had many special guests connect to the event and join us on the livestream, such as JeromeASF, TheDiamondMinecart and Gizzy Gazza! Every year we prepare a whole new host of Youtubers and servers to talk to you about what they do, answer your questions and meet people around the venue, throughout the 3 days that we run the convention.

The convention is online overnight so that fans from any timezone around the world can connect and see exhibits. Whether its a Youtuber on our livestream giving tips on how to startup your channel, or a server owner showing off their unique games, Cubed! has a little bit of everything in the Minecraft community! We hope to see you this year, and enjoy the event!

Lauren Manager