Our goal is to make Cubed! accessible to as many players as possible. We are very much aware that this includes younger players of the game and as such we have taken sufficient steps to maintain the event as a family-friendly environment.

Ensuring safety

The safety of our visitors is our top priority. Although Cubed! is a virtual event, being online still comes with potential risks.

During the event, we make sure that there are always members of our dedicated staff team online. As well as answering any support questions from visitors, they are also actively monitoring the in-game chat and player's activities.

Our staff team is trained and provided with resources to ensure that appropriate actions can be taken against rule-breakers and those who seek to disrupt our family-friendly environment.

Alongside the staff team, the in-game chat is filtered to block out any inappropriate language or suspicious links.

While we do our best to protect our visitors, there is always the chance for something to slip through. This is why we suggest that parents either monitor their child's activity as they explore the convention or better yet, join them at the event!

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