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Why we did it, and what it involves!

So, many of you have come to know the brand Minecon Server Edition since it was founded in 2012, however, there have always been problems surrounding it. As it’s the start of a new year, and the run up to MSE 2015, we have decided it is finally time to do something we have discussed a lot over the past few months.

There is one major issue for Minecon Server Edition and you’ll notice it as soon as you read the name. It’s ‘Minecon’, and over the past year alone it has presented us with more difficulties and worries than we could have imagined from what started out as a small idea for a Minecraft server run by two 16 year old kids. ‘Minecon’ is a trademark of Mojang AB, so, when it comes down to it, Minecon Server Edition is essentially infringing upon and posing the threat of potential damage to their brand image (which is why we’ve never officially worked with them).

In terms of legal reasons, to assure you that this is the right decision to make, we have taken into account that Microsoft have bought Mojang. Whilst Mojang were lenient upon the infringement and never got directly involved, this may not be the case with Microsoft, and we wish to ensure that the event will continue and that we will not be presented with a large intervention by Microsoft over something so small as a name.

Here are but a few of the many opportunities we have missed due to worry over infringement:

  • Offered server sponsorship from Multiplay for MSE 2013, however, they were contracted with Mojang to help manage Minecon, causing a conflict of interest and they were unable to.
  • Twitch partnership and front page pinning for MSE 2014, as Twitch were worried it would confuse their viewer base because they promote the stream for Minecon itself whereas we aren’t affiliated.
  • Some YouTubers and other known figures in the community have been skeptical about appearing at the event due to us not being official.

Also, we are unable to count how many emails and tweets we have received asking the following:

  • “When is Minecon?”
  • “Where is Minecon going to be this year?”
  • “How can I get my cape?”
  • “I can’t log in to my Minecraft account, help?”

Due to these issues and confusion after the past few years, and the fact we now have a chance to do it, we've decided it's time to change the Minecon Server Edition brand. This will allow us more opportunities to better the event for our community and create even more fun for everyone who attends. We will also separate ourselves from Mojang so people will realise we are not @MojangSupport and no, we do not know the dates for Minecon and/or cannot reserve tickets for you!

In changing the brand, we will not be changing the event itself. There will still be exhibits from people within the community, a full livestream of the event, sponsored minigames and community figures on stage doing interviews and interacting with everyone! All we will needed to change was the name ‘Minecon Server Edition’ so it’s no longer so closely related to Mojang, our logo and following that the rest of our graphics and web design.