Promote your Minecraft community, organisation or project by showcasing to our visitors with a booth at Cubed! 2023.

Build your booth on our private server to get it ready for the event. Fill it with signs and information about what you want to promote and get creative!

We love helping others in the community showcase their exciting projects so getting a booth is completely free with paid options available.

How does the booth process work?


Fill out the application below outlining the details of your booth and what you want to promote. Each application is manually reviewed so give as much relevant information as you can.

Choose size

If your application is approved, you will then get the option to select the size of your booth. You can select between a free size or purchase larger options.


Head onto the private build server and build your booth! Get creative and put together something that is exciting and interesting for visitors.


We have limited spaces for free booths so when building ends you may need to await for confirmation of entry. Only the best booths will be chosen so make sure yours looks good!

You're in!

Before your booth gets transferred to the venue you will get the opportunity to purchase extra addons to give your booth that extra flair.

Applications Closed

Applications are not yet open for Cubed! 2023.

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